WGA East opened their awards show pretending it was the “end” of last year’s ceremony, focusing on two horn players from Conan O’Brien’s band. The duo talked about moving to Los Angeles for The Tonight Show and how great NBC was treating them. Then they came out, heads hung in defeat, and took their place with the house band playing the WGAE gig.
— Host Susie Essman asked the audience to come up with a name for the award. Someone in the audience called it “a flying vajajay,” and she agreed that it indeed looks like a vagina. So “every winner goes home with some pussy,” she joked.
— Essman got off a zinger about James Cameron’s Avatar “managing to be 3-dimensional and one-dimensional at the same time.”
— When The Hunter Award for Lifetime Achievement in Writing went to Alan Zweibel, Seth Meyers said one of the two good things about the writers strike was having Zweibel tell stories from the early days of SNL. “The other being all that Internet money.” Which got a big laugh.
— Host Family Guy‘s Seth MacFarlane opened the WGAW awards show noting that “acceptance speeches won’t be long since writers have only themselves to thank.
— He sang a song with lyrics that included: “Without writers we got trouble, That starts with T, which rhymes with C, and that stands for crap!”
— Because all 5 animation nominees were from The Simpsons this year, McFarlane said he told his staff that “next year there’ll be 5 more chances for your peers to tell you, ‘We don’t like what you do.'”
— Chris Rock said, “I want Tiger Woods to say ‘I love my wife and I also love pussy!’
— Jason Alexander intro’ed Larry David for the Paddy Chayefsky award and said he thought that Larry being lauded this way was “about as likely as Mel Gibson appearing on the next Chabad telethon”.
— Steve Levitan noted in his 2nd acceptance speech that “we want to thank our parents for giving us enough neuroses to be writers — but not enough neuroses to be actors.”