watchmenThe Internet is filling up with chatter here and here about how Dan DiDio, the SVP/Executive Editor for DC Comics, is determined to push not only a sequel to the Watchmen graphic novel, but a multiple prequel comic book miniseries and other spin-offs to his new bosses. And how he’s already looking for creators to do them. This is because of — what else? — money: Watchmen has become DC’s bestselling comic book of all time. Naturally, everyone’s now speculating about a sequel to Zack Snyder’s underperforming Watchmen movie from Warner Bros/20th Century Fox/Paramount, especially because there’s contract language for that possibility. (No matter how impossible storywise.) But a well-placed insider tells me: “There is no truth to anything related to a movie sequel. Not a chance by a longshot. With regards to the comics, well, I guess anything is possible. I’ll keep my opinion to myself as to whether it’s a smart idea to do so.”