UPDATES ‘Hurt Locker’ Oscar Credits Controversy

Osc2I’m hearing that the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences will decide the Best Picture Oscar credits controversy for both The Hurt Locker and The Blind Side by Thursday.

But I’ve also learned that those 2 pics aren’t the only Best Picture Oscar nominee juggling four producers. So is Up in the Air. It wasn’t an issue when the nominations were announced yesterday because the Academy Of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences accepted the results of a Producers Guild decision that deemed Jeffrey Clifford ineligible, leaving just the trio of Daniel Dubiecki and Ivan Reitman and son Jason Reitman.

I’m told the PGA also carefully considered The Hurt Locker, and sources tell me it initially ruled Nicolas Chartier ineligible. When he appealed, a second 3-judge panel (including one of the original judges) voted that Chartier in fact deserved to be included with the other 3 producers.

So what decides who deserves credit and who doesn’t at awards time? Being on the set isn’t the most important thing in evaluating who pulled their weight. In the PGA equation, 30% is determined by work done during the development process, 20% when the film is in pre-production, 20% while the film is in production, and 30% while the film is in the post-production and marketing phase. Letters from fellow producers don’t matter as much as surveys that are filled out by department heads and other, who paint a more accurate picture of who did what. The PGA would not comment on what it called a “confidential arbitration process.”