VancouverLook, I’m loving the Vancouver Olympics and learning more about Shaun White than any human should need to know. (How does that guy pass the drug tests?) It’s relaxing and exciting and the Americans are not doing nearly as lousy as they usually do on ice and in the snow. As of yet, other than the tragic death of the Georgian luge sledder, there are no more controversies which call into question the whole integrity of the Olympics, world peace, and figure skating fashions for men. (Sorry, but having loser Evgeni Plushenko diss winner Evan Lysacek isn’t news unless they plan to cage fight.) So half of all Americans, 152 million, watched the first 7 days of the Vancouver Olympics, according to Neilsen. That’s now 26.6 million average audiences, nearly 6 million more and 27% higher than in 2006. NBCU’s Thursday broadcasts were seen by 77 million total viewers even with original programming from Survivor on CBS and Grey’s Anatomy and Private Practice on ABC.