UPDATES TV TUG OF WAR: It’s Ellen vs Simon

american idol logoWhether Howard Stern will or won’t join American Idol as the judge replacing Simon Cowell, is one of the hot debates on the Internet right now. And, of course, Howard is fanning the flames of the controversy by insulting everyone connected to the “karaoke show”, especially Simon, Ellen, and Ryan Seacrest. I’ve just learned Howard Stern is indeed “being considered” as a judge but my sources tell me that “Ellen is not in favor” of his joining the panel.

Ellen DeGeneres tonight makes her American Idol show debut. And when you watch, remember that I recently reported that, on her first day taping the Hollywood segment, Simon Cowell showed up an hour and a half late for the taping. And Ellen stewed while she waited for him. She had reason: to accommodate both her talk show hosting duties and her American Idol judging duties, she had moved up her schedule so that now she shot the talk show earlier in the day and then jumped in the car to go to Idol. She was on time, and Cowell was not. “Here it was the first day of taping of the Hollywood shows, and Ellen was there waiting for Simon to show up. Ellen’s new to the gig and she’s very organized and she made a commitment to take this on, and now she’s asking herself, ‘What did I get myself into?’ She called Simon Cowell a prima donna. So right from the start, the chemistry isn’t great,” an insider tells us.

It’ll be interesting to see tonight whether the tension between Ellen and Simon is visible. (Or even edited out…) But as I reported previously, Ellen after the taping contacted the pal who brought her to the primetime hit show, Fox alternative programming chief Mike Darnell, and made a request: she asked him to “hurry up and pick” Simon’s successor. Now she doesn’t want Howard Stern as a judge.

Meanwhile, here’s an exclusive interview Ellen DeGeneres did with Extra‘s Mario Lopez where she dished about the judges’ chemistry: