2ND UPDATE 3:30 PM: Here is the CBS/Warner Bros/Chuck Lorre statement.

(February 23, 2010) — Joint statement from Nina Tassler, President, CBS Entertainment; Peter Roth, President, Warner Bros. Television; Chuck Lorre, Creator/Executive Producer of Two And A Half Men:

“CBS, Warner Bros. Television and Chuck Lorre support Charlie Sheen in his decision today to begin voluntary in-patient care at a treatment center. We wish him nothing but the best as he deals with this personal matter. Production on ‘Two and a Half Men’ will be temporarily suspended.”

2:10 PM: I understand that CBS learned about Charlie Sheen’s rehab break only about an hour ago. So everything’s in flux. But I can confirm that Two And A Half Men has already shot 18 episodes of its 24 order this season.

1:45 PM: Normally, Deadline Hollywood doesn’t cover the personal lives of Hollywood unless it has a direct impact on business. But now Charlie Sheen’s publicist has released a statement” “As a preventative measure, Charlie Sheen has entered a rehabilitation facility. He will take some time off his series Two And A Half Men. He has asked that his privacy be honored. No further statements are planned.” All I can say is that it’s been a miracle that Sheen and the CBS sitcom have lasted seven seasons considering what a train wreck he is.