sundance 2010This is hilarious. I’ve learned that a slew of Kristen Stewart fans somehow got the personal e-mails of Sundance buyers who were circling her Jake Scott-directed film Welcome To The Rileys. In their avalanche of messages, twitters and texts, the Twihards are imploring the execs to buy and release the film starring the Twilight Saga heroine — or at least get them DVDs of the pic. Among the surprised execs is Sony Pictures Classics’ Michael Barker. The film is geared to an adult audience, but the filmmakers keep seeing mobs of young faces at every screening. (UPDATE: The fans say they are adults, not teens.) Three buyers are said to be circling, but no word yet if they are being swayed, or just annoyed, by the email campaign. UTA is shopping the movie, which also stars James Gandolfini. No reports so far of Sopranos fans muscling buyers on his behalf.