UPDATES Who’s ‘Conan The Barbarian’? Two Candidates Considered

jason momoaEXCLUSIVE: Today’s the day for all things Conan to be resolved. First, there was Conan the late night host getting a whopping check to leave. Now, Conan the Barbarian has been crowned. I hear that Millennium Films, Lionsgate, and rights holder Paradox Entertainment have approved Jason Momoa to star in Conan, the rebirth of the Robert E. Howard-created series. The brawny star of Stargate Atlantis who also stars in HBO’s Game of Thrones, Momoa got the nod over Kellan Lutz, the Twilight guy. I told you that the search for Conan had come down to the duo. Sources said that director Marcus Nispel was sold on Momoa, and won over the filmmakers by shooting a few trial scenes that allowed Momoa to wield a sword and behave very Schwarzenegger-like. This keeps the film on course for a March 15 production start in Bulgaria, and it closes a long ordeal in bringing the saga back to the screen. Paradox originally set up the film with Warner Bros in 2002, and then moved it over to Millenium in 2007.