sundance 2010In the latest Sundance development, The Tillman Story is on the goal line for a distribution deal. The film — about the tragic friendly fire death of gridiron star-turned Army ranger Pat Tillman and the dogged efforts of his family to find the truth of the cover-up — is one of several documentaries which have captivated buyers. By late Thursday, The Weinstein Company had emerged the clear front-runner. I’ve learned Harvey Weinstein bid a minimum guarantee and P&A commitment that puts the deal at low seven-figures, and a marketing and release plan that will introduce the film during next Oscar season. The A&E-financed docu is being brokered by CAA and Submarine’s Josh Braun. It is part of an uptick in deal-making, with deals made for Hesher, The Kids are All Right, Twelve, with Splice near closing. Heading into the fest’s final weekend, buyer interest is high for happythankyoumoreplease, Catfish, Douchebag, Welcome to the Rileys, Winter’s Bone, and High School.