Emails are pouring in about the “untimely, senseless, and tragic” passing of Karen Schmeer, a respected member of the American Cinema Editors, at age 39. She was a gifted editor of documentaries who, according to news reports, was run down by robbers during their getaway as she was crossing a street in New York City. Best known for helping craft Errol Morris’ later films (The Fog Of War, Mr. Death, Fast, Cheap & Out Of Control, and Standard Operating Procedure) she won last year’s Sundance award for editing Greg Barker’s documentary, Sergio. “I had the honor to moderate a panel on documentary editing at the A.C.E. EditFest last summer in NY, and Karen was a member,” one source wrote in. “She was humble and soft spoken while her work spoke volumes. She surely understood the art of storytelling as a documentary editor.”