Paradigm will be announcing it’s hired veteran agent Bob Kinkead who brings with him 3 big comedy — Jeff Foxworthy, Larry The Cable Guy, and Bill Engvall. Paradigm will represent them in all areas. paradigmThe trio, who continue to be managed by JP Williams at Parallel Entertainment, have been the top-selling live comedy acts of the past decade and continue to play to sold-out arenas both individually and collectively. “We have a comedy division, but this puts us on the comedy tour map in a major way. Live performance obviously but also TV Lit for packaging, TV and MP talent obviously,” a Paradign insider explains to me. “These guys are a cash machine in the live business, selling out arenas like no other comedy act as they often perform together in major arena shows. Their loyal following are rabid fans. They buy up DVD’s by the MILLIONS.” Their Blue Collar Comedy Tour has been the most successful tour in comedy history and has created 3 separate comedy films that have been released on DVD and sold over 10 million copies. Kinkead also brings with him Curb Recording Group Martin Ramey, Pheromone Recording artist Greg Hanna and 2009 Americas got talent winner Kevin Skinner. Kinkead has been an agent for 28 years and comes to Paradigm from Buddy Lee Attractions in Nashville. He’s worked for APA and William Morris in Nashville where he’ll be headquartered for Paradigm.