gervais ggThe most discussed moment that Mike Fleming heard at the Golden Globes after-parties was the biting intro which host Ricky Gervais gave Mel Gibson, who presented Best Director. After sipping what appeared to be a glass of beer (isn’t that an on-air taboo?), Gervais said, “I like a drink as much as the next man…unless the next man is Mel Gibson.” While the bit seemed to surprise Gibson, I’m told the actor knew ahead of time what was coming. (Like last year’s staged cheek-to-cheek encounter between Eminem and Bruno at the MTV Movie Awards…) Insiders said Gervais got Gibson’s phone number and let him know what was coming, at least in loose terms. I’m told Gibson, a notorious prankster on his own film sets, got a laugh out of the Gervais joke and agreed to play along.