According to comedian/filmmaker Mark Malkoff, one theory that has not yet been publicly discussed in the late night mess is “Will Ferrell. Yes, Will Ferrell. I call it ‘The Will Ferrell Curse’. You see, every time Ferrell has appeared as the first guest on a talk show the show hasn’t lasted longer that a season. He was the first guest on John McEnroe’s talk show on CNBC which lasted six months. Next Ferrell was the first guest on the very talented Megan Mullally’s talk show that lasted a mere five months. Currently with Conan leaving Ferrell is zero for three.” Yes, he was Conan’s first Tonight Show guest last June. And now it looks as if he’ll be Conan’s last Tonight Show guest this Friday. As O’Brien foreshadowed on air last night, “I’m 3 days away from the biggest drinking binge in history.”