It’s bad enough that Time Warner shareholders have to be reminded every time they look at their stock portfolios how Jerry Levin drove that company into the ground 10 years ago this week. But this morning (see below) he was on CNBC talking like a lunatic. Bizarrely helping to hype a Wednesday 10 PM special entitled “Marriage From Hell: The breakup of AOL Time Warner” that will portray him putting together the worst deal of the decade, Levin today gave this nutty explanation for why he failed: “Even though the stock was up at the time, there was a lot of tension, and i didn’t deal with the psychology with enough compassion. It’s a little hard to exercise compassion, connection, and love when the market is very unforgiving as it was at that time.” As one of the befuddled CNBC hosts commented afterwards: “It is unusual, or shall we say infrequent, when you hear a former CEO mention the word ‘love’ next to ‘merger’ as he did.”