fox_logo(Journalist Diane Haithman is covering the Television Critics Association confab for Deadline Hollywood.)

At the Television Critics Association’s confab just now, Fox Entertainment President Kevin Reilly had this to say about the possibility that Conan O’Brien might flee NBC and jump to FBS: “Unfortunately. there is not too much we can illuminate on this. We are kind of digesting it the same way you are. We are a little in the wow-ee mode right now. Our position on late night has been consistent all along: in fact, I think at our last session on Wanda [Sykes, the Fox host skedded Saturday late night], somebody asked us if we wanted to be in the 5-night strip business. We’ve been in and out of that business. That’s never completely off the agenda, and we’re always looking at it. I love Conan personally and professional, but right now he has to make a decision about his future, and until he makes that decision there really is no conversation to be had.” Reilly claimed Fox has not had conversations with his reps but that this is an ongoing situation.