UPDATES Daniel Craig Saddles Up For Old West Alien Invasion

bondDaniel Craig has closed his deal to star in Cowboys and Aliens for DreamWorks and Universal, as I predicted. Craig will star in an adaptation of Fred Van Lente’s graphic novel that was published by Platinum Studios and revolves around cowboys and Native Americans who put aside their Old West differences to battle invading aliens. Craig will play the lead cowboy Zeke Jackson, replacing Robert Downey Jr who exited to jump right back to the Sherlock Holmes sequel. While he likely won’t identify himself as “Jackson, Zeke Jackson,” Craig has put himself in an enviable position: Cowboys and Aliens has franchise potential. And it will keep him busy while the James Bond/MGM situation plays out. (EXCLUSIVE: Sam Mendes About To Be Hired As “Consultant” On Bond #23) Brian Grazer is producing with Ron Howard, Steven Spielberg, Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci, and Platinum Studios’ Scott Mitchell Rosenberg.