UPDATES So What Are The Hot Films At Sundance?

sundance 2010While the big star-driven films were just beginning to unspool, buyers today were focused on two surprises that came out of midnight screenings, and several are angling to hook the docu Catfish, which premiered Friday. Also fetching bids are Tucker And Dale Vs. Evil and the Sarah Polley starrer Splice. I hear three offers came in for Tucker and Dale vs Evil, a comedy in which two sweet-natured “hillbillies” are mistaken by camping college kids for Deliverance-like psycho killers. “The midnight screening audience loved this horror spoof. Buyers are heavily circling it,” one source says. Now the pic’s producers were rushing to line up another screening this evening so other distributors could see it. And I’m told there are two offers for Splice, the genetic engineering thriller directed by Vincenzo Natali, who helmed Cube.

But the film that seems to have buyers most in a frenzy is the documentary Catfish. I wrote about it yesterday but saw it this morning, and, boy, does it live up the hype. CAA, which is brokering, isn’t in a hurry to close a deal. And then buyers will be staying up late for another midnight screening, the premiere of the Ryan Reynolds drama Buried which I also told you about yesterday and which UTA is repping. It’s the actor trapped in a coffin for an hour and a half.

Among the hot tickets tomorrow are Blue Valentine, and the docu 8: The Mormon Proposition, which is attracting extra wanna-see because of the Utah venue. More as I get it…