UPDATES Andy Gelb Leaves Before Merger; Simon Halls Is A Short-Timer

PMK_LogoBREAKING NEWS! EXCLUSIVE! The shoes just keep dropping and dropping because of the merger between PMKHBH and BNC… The above news was just announced at the PMK/HBH staff meeting, according to my sources. Simon Halls resigned as PMK/HBH CEO, while publicists Jennifer Allen and Melissa Kates are leaving to form their own flackery. Simon Halls started HBH with Robin Baum and Stephen Huvane and that company merged with PMK in 2001. Halls took over as CEO when Pat Kingsley stepped down last year. Halls’ clients include USA Network, Ang Lee, Ridley Scott, Sam Mendes, Working Title Films, TriBeca Productions, Jude Law, and Akiva Goldsman.