According to’s “Box-Office”, with 22 days left in the calendar year, year-to-date box-office will hit $9,681,800,000 today and thus pass the record year of 2007 and its full-year total of $9.680 billion. Through this past Sunday, year-to-date revenue stood at $9,658,700,000, just $21.3 million short of surpassing year 2007’s record revenue. With Monday generating $7.5 million, Tuesday generating $8.1 million and a projected conservative estimate of $7.5 million for Wednesday, “Box-Office” places the year-to-date revenue (through today) at $9,681,800,000. So why is most of Hollywood out of work?

With numerous huge films still on the way, we are poised for the first $10 billion year at the box-office, a milestone that has never been reached in the history of the box-office.