The Writers Guild, West, is in the process of surveying members about why there is so little work in Hollywood right now, how they feel about that, and what the leadership can do about it:

“Dear Fellow Screenwriters & Television Longform Writers:

As the screenwriters on the Board of Directors, we are asking that you join
us in participating in an online survey. This survey is an
opportunity for all of us working in feature film and television longform to 
provide a candid assessment of the current climate for writers. We expect the data to be enlightening and informative for 
screenwriters as well as for the leadership and staff of the Guild. Furthermore, we believe it will help guide our
efforts to best represent the membership.

Writer-specific information will be kept confidential. Aggregated data, without reference to particular writers, may be released in Guild
publications as a means of informing the membership of the survey’s
findings. The survey tool we have chosen includes SSL protection to ensure 
your privacy is protected when you participate.
We have each already completed the survey ourselves, and we were all able to complete it in less than twenty minutes. So without further delay please join us in participating in the 2009 WGAW Screenwriter/Television Longform
Writer Survey.

In Unity,
John Wells, President; Tom Schulman, Vice President; David Weiss, Secretary-Treasurer; Ian Deitchman, Board Member; Howard Michael Gould, Board Member; Mark Gunn, Board Member; Katherine Fugate, Board Member; Aaron Mendelsohn, Board Member; Billy Ray, Board Member; Howard Rodman, Board Member; Steven Schwartz, Board Member.”