MONDAY AM: It looks like this was not a resignation, but a defection. That’s right — UTA partner and co-head of the motion picture talent department David Guillod told the tenpercentery he was leaving the agency biz to supposedly join a content company. United TalentHe said he was going into business with Eric Gitter, his client who’s a partner in the comic book company Oni Press. On Saturday, Guillod sent UTA head Jim Berkus a request for modification of his exit payment so he could get more money upfront to help him start his content business. The agency said no. One, two, three, and presto — he’s starting today at Paradigm! I suspect there’ll be a tug-of-war for Guillod’s clients. And UTA is now saying they didn’t want him to stick around anyway and actually relieved him of his duties as co-head of the motion picture department six weeks ago in anticipation of his exit. So why didn’t they tell me? An insider explained to me just now, “We were trying to be good guys so he could experience a soft landing in the marketplace.” (This is why I love the agency biz!)

Here is Paradigm’s internal announcement from owner Sam Gores: “We are very pleased to announce today that David Guillod will join us at Paradigm. David has spent the last 8 years at UTA where he was a partner and the Head of the Motion Picture Talent department and before that was a partner at Handprint. paradigmMany of us have known David for several years, going back to his manager days and we are very happy to have him on board. Even though David has been contemplating a move into the Development Business, he decided after meeting with us over the holiday weekend and some further soul searching that he really loved his clients and being an agent. Therefore he decided that the culture and environment at Paradigm is the right place for him to pursue the next chapter of his career. It is too soon to make any announcements regarding clients but know that David will assume a very senior agent capacity within the agency. David is a great addition to Paradigm’s present and future. Please join me in welcoming him to the Paradigm family.”

WEDNESDAY 10AM: UTA talent partner David Guillod is leaving UTA and the agency business to supposedly join a content company. According to an email that UTA Chairman Jim Berkus sent out to the agency, “We have enjoyed many successes together with David and very much look forward to working with him in the future.” He reps Liv Tyler, Don Cheadle, Justin Long.