“PHENOMENAL! BREAKING RECORDS!” ‘New Moon’ Doing ‘Dark Knight’ Midnights

Here are New Moon anecdotal reports from theaters around North America (photos coming):

MIAMI – AMC SUNSET: The lines were impressive because the venue had a TWILIGHT Event. They showed TWILIGHT first at 9PM and then NEW MOON at midnight. The crowd was huge with the line wrapping down the stairs, taking up two floors. People were in Team Edward and Team Jacob shirts, some homemade. People even dressed as wolves.

MIAMI – REGAL SOUTH BEACH: There were many teens, male and female, waiting for the opening of NEW MOON. Many had been there since 5PM waiting for their chance to see it. Most were in their Team Jacob or Team Edward shirt. The line was both on the upstairs floor and the downstairs floor.

SEATTLE – AMC CINERAMA: Early in the evening, there are about 30 people in line waiting to see the film. One group decorated their car and parked it right next to the theatre. The first fan in line has been camped outside the theatre since 4PM even through the rain and cold weather.

KANSAS CITY – AMC BARRYWOODS 24: At 7:15pm CST there were about 100 people waiting in line for the midnight shows. The general manager said that the earliest people arrived at 3:30PM today. Those waiting in line were looking through magazines (with NEW MOON actors on the cover) and chatting about the new movie. Several of those waiting were also shopping at AMC’s NEW MOON merchandise table.

KANSAS CITY – AMC STUDIO 30: At 10PM CST there were about 500 people standing in line for the midnight shows. The line started inside with about 100 people and then grew outside winding around the front part of the theatre. Those waiting inside were purchasing merchandise from AMC’s NEW MOON merchandise table while those outside huddled together under blankets. Several people were holding their copy of the NEW MOON book, or another book in the Twilight Saga. Every few minutes there would be an outbreak of teen girls screaming “Edward!”, followed by a group of girls screaming “Jacob!”

MINNEAPOLIS/ST PAUL – AMC ROSEDALE: Fans were in line as early as 6PM for the showing of Twilight at 9PM. Fans began arriving around that same time for New Moon. The theater sold out all 14 screens, selling 2,400 tickets! By 10PM there were over 500 people already at the theater. Many fans made their own T-shirts and wore other New Moon apparel. People brought their laptops and watched Twilight as they waited. Some other fans brought Twilight Saga books to read in line. When the theater opened their doors, the crowd rushed in.

BALTIMORE – AMC WHITE MARSH: The fans started lining up about 9PM in droves.

DETROIT – EMAGINE NOVI: Hundreds of fans lined up, some 4 hours in advance, in anticipation for the midnight showings of NEW MOON. All 18 of their theatres were sold out to Twi-hard fans. People were dressed up in their TWILIGHT and NEW MOON store-bought and fan-made T-shirts. Fans were talking about being either Team Edward or Team Jacob and who was better and why. Many played TWILIGHT trivia games in line to pass the time by.

ST LOUIS – RONNIE’S 20 CINE: At 9:30PM groups of girls were playing the TWILIGHT board game to pass time before the midnight showing. They had been in line since 4pm that day. Girls brought both the NEW MOON and TWILIGHT board games to play. Girls in front of the lines had been at the theater beginning at 11AM that day.

DENVER – AMC HIGHLANDS RANCH: This theater had about 1,500 people in line by 10PM, and it was continuing to grow. People started to arrive at 7PM lining up outside the theater. Fans came with the books, laptops to watch the first movie, Twilight blankets and pillows, and many wore Twilight series t-shirts. Others came in their pajamas, and many were doing homework.

NEW YORK CITY – Regal E-WALK TIMES SQUARE: The crowds were not deterred by the light rain though people took cover under umbrellas. Groups were passing the time chatting and awaiting the theater opening up. One group of friends had been online since 8:30PM for the midnight show. Another group were online as of 9:30 PM for the 12:30AM show and were writing Team Edward or Team Jacob on their faces.

FAIRFAX, VA – AMC TYSON’S CORNER: The line waiting for NEW MOON at midnight was at least 400 people. There were people waiting as early as 6PM.

DALLAS – AMC NORTHPARK 15: The first person showed up at 10AM this morning. The line of people waiting for the midnight showings was wrapped around the entire aisle way of the mall. Many of the people were wearing TWILIGHT t-shirts, “Team Jacob”/”Team Edward” T-shirts, and homemade t-shirts. People waiting in line were playing cards, sleeping, talking, or doing homework.