UPDATES ‘Southland’ Set For Pick Up By TNT — If NBC Doesn’t Screw It Up
UPDATES Wells Looking For New ‘Southland’ Home
UPDATES Wasn’t NBC Boasting About ‘Southland’?

People working on the show were told to prepare for good news on November 2nd. And they got it. One minute NBC was boasting about this sophomore cop show. The next the network was dumping it. And then NBC wouldn’t let it go to TNT. For weeks now, TNT and NBC were negotiating moolah terms. “This behavior from NBC has been unbelievable and amazingly fucked-up — even for them — which is really saying something…” Anyway, that’s all over. Barry Meyer did a solid for John Wells so TNT has the exclusive rights to run the 6 unaired episodes of Southland as well as all 13 produced episodes starting January 12th. TNT still has to decide whether to continue the series.