terminator401UPDATE: Joss Whedon Makes Bid For ‘Terminator’

All the big studios, with Sony leading the way, as well as Summit Entertainment and Media Rights Capital, are interested in bidding when the Terminator franchise is auctioned off this month. This news comes from the Financial Times‘ Matthew Garrahan who says the rights auction is for new Terminator films, TV program and other spin-offs. Because we all know The Sarah Connor Chronicles on Fox did so well, right? that build on the popularity of the franchise. The sale is being conducted by FTI Capital Advisors for Halcyon which bought the Terminator rights 2 years ago for $25M from Mario Kassar. Halcyon recently filed for Chapter 11 after a dispute with Pacificor, a Santa Barbara-based hedge fund that lent Halcyon the sum to buy the Terminator rights. Sheesh, I think this character/concept is played out. Then again, Terminator 4: Salvation made $380M worldwide.