hollywood southPixel Magic today announced a new digital media studio at LITE in Lafayette. It could create 40 direct new jobs in 3 years. “Pixel Magic is a great example of the kind of companies we hoped to position Louisiana to secure when we strengthened Louisiana’s film production and digital interactive media tax credits during the last legislative session,” said Gov. Bobby Jindal. “Pixel Magic’s decision to locate in Louisiana will send a signal to Hollywood and to other leading digital media companies that Louisiana is a major player in the digital media industry. This win will help accelerate the development of Lafayette as a hub for digital media and film production, and of course it will help create more good jobs for our children so that they can pursue their dreams right here in Louisiana.”

Pixel Magic provides digital visual effects for motion pictures and television. Its capabilities include a full range of visual effects services in 2-D and 3-D, including digital compositing, set extensions, wire and rig removals, digital opticals and crowd duplication. Pixel Magic has done work for Miramax, Warner Bros, 20th Century Fox, and DreamWorks on major films, such as Marley & Me, Get Smart, 300, Mr. and Mrs. Smith, and The Last Samurai. Louisiana Economic Development’s Office of Entertainment Development, working with regional and local partners, encouraged Pixel Magic to expand in Louisiana in conjunction with its work on Disney’s film Secretariat, currently filming in Acadiana.

“After reviewing opportunities in Canada, Louisiana, New Mexico and other states, we chose Louisiana because of its variety of locations and diverse environments, the growth of film production in the state, and its industry specific tax incentives,” said Pixel Magic General Manager RayScalice. Pixel Magic said it  will benefit from Louisiana’s recently strengthened film production tax credits and could also use the new digital interactive media tax credits for projects in the near future.

Additionally, Pixel Magic expects to enroll in the Louisiana FastStart program, a turnkey workforce solution for expanding companies, which will help recruit and train qualified employees to meet its digital production needs. Pixel Magic also will receive one free year of office space.