WEDNESDAY AM UPDATE: Los Angeles management told editors at a meeting this morning that, yes, more layoffs are planned. But management is claiming the 40 number is too high, and no film writers are involved. If anyone’s job has been saved because of adverse publicity, then great. (I’ve added a question mark about the Calendar staff cuts. But two prominent film writers were targeted, trust me.) Now I’m told there will be a big push LA Times-wide in coming months to turn staff writers into freelance writers.

TUESDAY: More bad news for newspapers: I’ve learned that the Los Angeles Times expects to make as many as 40 layoffs before the end of this year, and it’s likely that two senior film writers with well known bylines will be cut. (Yet the newspaper just hired a Hollywood Reporter film hack on the cheap. It’s all about dollars and cents there these days, not quality.) Meanwhile, The Washington Post just announced it will close its Los Angeles Bureau by December 31st. Looks like Hollywood will be covered entirely out of the paper’s headquarters now.