Full Disclosure: HollywoodLife.com is part of MMC, which purchased DeadlineHollywood in June. All of MMC’s websites operate independently from each other, so it’s my own choice to run this news release. Who knew I can be a team player?

New York, NY (November 17, 2009) – Bonnie Fuller and Jay Penske, Founder and CEO of MMC, are proud to announce the November 17th launch of HollywoodLife.com, a vibrant new female-focused online destination that provides celebrity and entertainment news alongside an interactive conversation about lifestyle, health, fashion, and beauty, for women 18-35 years. The launch marks the successful culmination of Ms. Fuller’s transition into her role as a leading innovator in the digital world of celebrity and entertainment publishing.  HollywoodLife.com’s new approach has already attracted Old Navy, Sony Pictures, People’s Choice and WE tv among leading advertisers looking to engage their female audience in a fresh and unique online environment. The site has already entered into partnerships with like-minded online destinations. One of its first partnerships is with iVillage, which will enable the distribution of Hollywoodlife.com’s content across the iVillage network, and sharing of both sites’ experts. HollywoodLife.com will also partner with AOL Popeater, a pop culture news site. Other exciting partnerships will follow shortly.
The new HollywoodLife.com presents a site that has Fuller’s engaging editorial style woven into an interactive digital framework that makes readers into users who find themselves clicking, contributing, and participating as the changing world of celebrity and entertainment news emerges in real time. Using social media elements designed specifically for the site, HollywoodLife.com offers celebrity-focused, style-centric women an opportunity to step into an online environment where discussion about lifestyle and fashion is illuminated by engaging images and rich media, and where the latest in celebrity and entertainment news can be milled, mulled and confirmed as it occurs.

While the new digital stylings of HollywoodLife.com offer unprecedented opportunity for readers to take part in the news and reviews, the site’s feminine bling will come from Ms. Fuller’s editorial presence. Fuller’s deep and much proven understanding of the female audience will position HollywoodLife.com as a frontrunner in catching celebrity news coverage and developing style. The site’s focus on immediacy and interactivity supported by a rich, dynamic and navigable celebrity and entertainment news environment where women can express their own views will strengthen the interactive free-flow between Ms. Fuller and her readers.

HollywoodLife.com’s digital conversationality also provides a richer take on lifestyle and beauty as always-updated, style-sensible women across the country will be able to respond, giving approval of the latest trends in beauty, weighing in on fashion, or revealing their own secrets of shopping. Focused on the familiar aspects of women’s lives, the site has a naturally welcoming yet forthright tone that serves as a perfect platform for the expression of multiple points of view. Women from places as different as Atlanta, Houston, Detroit, and Wasilla will have a common ground in discussion of the issues that play a major role in women’s daily lives.

“HollywoodLife.com is much more than just a next step in my career”, says Ms. Fuller. “Rather, it’s the next step in my relationship with the female audience. The site’s interactive nature allows for a more immediate, emotional connection between readers and myself. It’s a place that offers the right mix of news and opinion where women can express themselves and ask their own questions.”

Ms. Fuller’s role as president and editor-in-chief of the new HollywoodLife.com has drawn early buzz and acclaim to the site on account of the media executive’s success in creating the first celebrity newsweekly, Us Weekly, transforming the tabloid, Star, into a glossy magazine, and for the successful US launch of European entertainment brands like Marie Claire. Fuller’s experience as editor-in-chief of Cosmopolitan and Glamour magazines provides an added patina to her editorial resume and has deepened excitement over the launch of HollywoodLife.com.

“It would be hard to find a better partner in building a lifestyle media brand”  Mr. Penske said of Fuller. “She has such an incredible sense of audience and how to make her content not only addictive, but conversational.  I look forward to helping Bonnie re-launch our HollywoodLife.com property and break through the clutter, and create the leading site for young women.”