hollywd_hypocrit_signSo I’ll say what other media haven’t the guts to point out as they speculate on whether CBS will investigate David Letterman’s single man sex with staffers at his independent production company Worldwide Pants (which neither CBS nor Viacom own): This fish stinks from the head. As I’ve reported previously, and more than once, CBS boss Les Moonves professionally and personally crossed the line of propriety when, of all the women in the world from which to choose, he began a series of adulterous affairs with network underlings, but it was his relationship with The Early Show’s co-anchor Julie Chen that broke up his 24-year marriage. Not only did Viacom bigwig Sumner Redstone overlook that, but the old coot himself over the years, whether he was married or not, openly shtupped one of his producer girlfriends while she had Paramount and/or CBS deals. Which are all violations of so many corporate codes of conduct that I don’t think I can count that high.