UPDATES Agent John Ferriter Declares War On WME
UPDATES John Ferriter & WME Feuding; “This Is Going To Get Ugly”
UPDATES John Ferriter “Hates” Coming Into WME

wme-new-logo-final smallerEXCLUSIVE: So who’s right? The last I heard from WME insiders, they told Reality TV major player John Ferriter to report for work. Now I’ve just received this statement from the agent’s reps: “For the past several weeks WME2 so constrained John Ferriter from performing his duties as a talent agent, that Ferriter’s attorney Ferritersent a letter today to WME’s legal counsel confirming Ferriter’s employment status as a termination. Despite verbal offers to return to his office, Ferriter was barred from WME2 premises; warned not to communicate with employees and about his email access; barred from company events; and agents were instructed to call his clients stating publicly that he had resigned and new agents would represent them — while being expected to fulfill his contract. Ferriter contends the termination was unlawful and retaliatory for raising concerns to upper executives. Ferriter will continue to provide advice and support to his clients and will now pursue opportunities for employment and/or entrepreneurship to minimize his damages. While this saga is far from over, Ferriter’s association with WME2 clearly is.”