UPDATES Does Rich Ross Fit Disney Studios’ Glass Slipper?
UPDATES EXCLUSIVE! Dick Cook Fired From Disney

Disney Logo2And I love the little hints. Like how there’s been a huge push to update all things Rich Ross at the Mouse House in recent days — documents, press bios, photos. Mickey’s minions are frantically searching Google trying to find anything about him on Disney-owned domains, and then finding out whom to contact in order to update it. “In my 20+ years, I’ve only seen this flurry of activity happen when something big is on the horizon, e.g. Katzenberg’s canning, Eisner’s unceremonious exit, and, more recently, Steve McPherson’s takeover of ABC Studios, and the Marvel deal,” one of my insiders tells me.

I told you guys back on September 23rd that Bob Iger was telling Hollywood he’d already chosen axed Dick Cook’s replacement And that my souces were saying Rich Ross, the Disney Channels Worldwide president, was being fitted with the glass slipper (with or without Dick’s lofty title of Walt Disney Studios chief). It took a bit of time for the dust to settle and to get over the shock, but Hollywood has now accepted this guy into the movie biz even though he manages the global kids’ TV business — a total of 94 kid-driven, family-inclusive entertainment channels and feeds available in 163 countries and 32 languages. That includes Disney, whose culture is so infamously cult-like and cut-throat that the Mouse House mostly promotes from within because its insiders distrust outsiders. Now even longtime Disney Studios folk consider Ross not just the inevitable guy, but maybe even the right guy. (Read my past stories for more detail about Ross.)