turnerThe Mouth From The South is at it again. Asked by Bloomberg TV in an interview running today if there are any media mergers he’d like to see happen, Ted Turner responds: “I’d like to see me running Time Warner.” Too bad TW’s one-time largest shareholder sold off his stock and now has no power there and instead raises bison in Montana. On other matters:

— Ted agrees with Sumner Redstone who said at a conference that selling Turner Broadcasting to Time Warner was Turner’s downfall. “He’s right. I made a mistake. I was tired.

— Ted claims he buried the hatchet with Rupert Murdoch about 18 months ago. He dropped him a note the other day telling him he was doing a good job with the Wall Street Journal. “He didn’t write me back. He might not have gotten the letter,” he says.

— Tad gives Jeff Immelt and Brian Roberts a pat on the back for Comcast acquiring a part of NBC Universal. “Go for it,” he said. “You’ve got to do something. They’ve got a real good cable system. And they don’t have that much programming.”

— Ted calls Jeff Bewkes “my good friend”. But would “like CNN to report to me” so the cable news network he founded 29 years ago would run “less fluffy news and more international news,” especially about China. And on the Cartoon Network, “if I had control of it, I’d put Captain Planet on at a top time period so that kids would see the environmental superhero instead of just Superman.”