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UPDATE: This just in — SAG sources claim arrangements have been made for Ken Howard to participate for part of Sunday’s meeting with membership via video conference. As of Friday night, Ken Howard was not attending or chairing his first National Plenary as SAG’s newly elected president. He told SAG leadership he had a previous charity engagement that he couldn’t break. He also was not attending or chairing the annual membership meeting Sunday afternoon. One of the issues when Howard was running for the presidency was that he didn’t attend enough SAG board meetings.

And David White will be offered a 2-year contract to move from interim to permanent as SAG’s National Executive Director and take on the additional title of Chief Negotiator. This, even though he’s always claimed to the board and media that he didn’t want the gig on a permanent basis. I guess he’s changed his mind since SAG is paying him at least $400,000+ annually. And, to date, he still hasn’t ever been vetted by the board since that was deliberately bypassed when he was put in the job temporarily. And the SAG leadership majority also will ignore the fact that traditionally a search committee is constituted for this job. There’s even less transparency now then ever at SAG.