EXCLUSIVE: I’m told that Comcast CEO Brian Roberts a few months ago quietly brought on Peter Liguori as a consultant to the company. It’s not specifically for the NBC Universal deal but rather for “a broad array of things” like retrans, one of my insiders reports back to me. What a smart move. Not only does Liguori know network, but his understanding of cable and content and branding is unquestioned after he made FX cutting edge with content like The Shield and Nip/Tuck. Almost as smart as my news from last night that Comcast COO Steve Burke would replace Jeff Zucker atop NBC Universal in a short period of time if and when the largest U.S. cable service provider takes control of the branded entertainment giant from GE. Liguori, the inexplicably ousted chairman of entertainment at Fox Broadcasting, is one of the best pieces of manpower on the loose. As I posted back in March, Hollywood’s favorite parlor game among TV types was trying to predict where Liguori would land, because even in this economy he’d probably have his pick of jobs. Meanwhile, slowly but surely, we’re getting to know more about Comcast plans for NBCU. And it sure looks promising.