Message from Brian Roberts

comcast_logoYou have probably seen the news reports that speculate about Comcast’s interest in buying NBC Universal. As you know, we’ve had a long-standing policy not to comment on these types of stories. We have not commented about this rumor in the press, except to say that the blog report that Comcast has a deal to purchase NBC Universal is inaccurate.

It’s not surprising that there is speculation about possible acquisitions given Comcast’s strong financial position. This happens from time to time. We have always said that we will consider acquisitions and investments to find opportunities to grow in our businesses so that they are profitable, differentiated and have scale.

We have a terrific company that is growing in this economy and we have an exciting future ahead across all of our lines of business. As Steve and I have said, cable is right at the core of everything Comcast does. We continue to invest in our cable business – it is a key component of our DNA. Some of our other businesses like content, business services and interactive advertising are a smaller part of the company today, and while they are growing rapidly, we would like to find ways to accelerate that growth. If the opportunity came up to add more cable content, we would definitely want to take a look at that opportunity, but in a very disciplined way.

You’ve all worked hard to grow our business and achieve the solid financial position we are in. We’ve got the best team in the business working to reach our goals. So, while we know it is easy to become distracted by this kind of press activity, it is important that you continue the focus you’ve always had on making Comcast successful.

Thanks for all you do to make Comcast a great company.