Those morons at Jeff Zucker’s company have stepped in it yet again. It’s bad enough NBC can’t get anyone to watch its piss-poor network primetime shows, but now NBC is making sure the American public can’t watch other networks’ shows as well. The Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade is known for annually including “cultural touchstones of the moment” in its broadcast, from every American Idol winner since the 2nd season (a Fox show) zucker dunceto the stars of High School Musical (a Disney Channel show). Not a peep out of parade broadcaster NBC. But then, a month ago, the parade producers (who aren’t part of NBC) invited this season’s hot Fox show Glee castmembers to march and perform during the parade. “They wanted us to have the cast ride a float down the parade route and do a number at the end,” a 20th Century TV exec tells me. “Late last week, we confirmed that the Glee cast was able to participate, and we began to talk choreography.” But, on Thurday, the studio received a call from the parade producers disinviting the show. “They called all mortified and apologetic. They said that after conversing with NBC they had to withdraw the invitation because NBC was forcing them to. According to the NBC people, the parade was not going to promote a Fox show on their air.” The parade producers acknowledged to 20th TV that NBC has never vetoed a single act booked in the past. Funny thing is, Glee airs opposite NBC’s Law & Order: Special Victims Unit; that’s hardly the same demographic. So what the hell is NBC’s problem?