Google and Microsoft through Bing yesterday both announced the ability to search Twitter feeds in real time. I’m told this is potentially big news for entertainment product marketing. We all know Twitter has accelerated the velocity of word of mouth, but until now it could not really be searched efficiently. In the past, a text with commentary on a film went to one person. Now it goes to hundreds, thousands, or hundreds of thousands. With Google’s and Bing’s offerings, studios and networks can capture and parse Twitter feeds to determine the sentiment of opening day attendees.  They can then analyze the direct data to know how it is trending, and metadata to determine regional, theater and demographic data all within minutes of the film opening. If they choose to do so — as Comcast is doing on Twitter — they can participate in real time dialogue. Of course, the same thing can be applied to test screenings and focus groups to hear what people are saying to their friends, as opposed to what they write on the movie cards. A marketing revolution/solution is underway.