Continuing his mega-media blitz of self-promotion for his newly named company Electus, Ben Silverman gave an interview to Worth magazine. Here are the interesting bits:

Worth: You arrived at NBC with a glowing public image. That changed almost overnight.
Ben Silverman: It was shocking how stupid some [reporters] were in their lack of research or their lack of knowledge. [In 2007] I’m the only two-time comedy Emmy nominee as an exec producer, and I throw a party for it and all people talk about is that I threw a party.
Worth: You’re referring to the infamous “White Tiger Party,” featuring bikini-clad women dancing on floats and a white tiger in a cage.
Ben Silverman: Someone else threw the party for me. I didn’t know that there was going to be a tiger there. Once I was there, I went with it.
Worth: Another controversy came when you compared rival network heads to “D-Girls,” meaning powerless female executives. Would you take back that remark?
Ben Silverman: Yes. Totally. That I totally regret.
Worth: Nikki Finke, the blogger who writes, was brutal to you, posting frequently about what she calls “the Ben Silverman experiment.” What was your response?
Ben Silverman: How do you have time? You’re either in the business, moving the business, or you’re sitting at home with your left-over food bitching about the business. I’m like, “Who cares”?
Worth: Still, bad press is a factor in your business.
Ben Silverman: It’s only a factor when you’re at NBC. Because NBC cares.