2ND UPDATE: WME says its head of East Coast Television and Lifestyle & Branding Group head Jon Rosen is staying with the agency. This despite several sources close to Rosen claiming he asked to be let out of his contract in order to start his own business. NY-based Rosen is a former William Morris “old school” agent with 17 years experience. WME does confirm that Rosen’s contract with Morris was up around the time of the merger, and that he signed another deal that has an out clause coming up in June. Rosen’s pals say WME’s Ari Emanuel told him, “You need to show up for work every day, and on the last day of your contract I’ll walk you to the door.” But WMA sources insist Rosen has had “many, many conversations with Ari and inner circle board members that have been very positive about his future here.” Rosen’s clients include Rachael Ray, Al Roker, Bobby Flay, Lara Spencer, Donnie Deutsch, Lisa Ling, production companies and executive producers.