2ND UPDATE: Well, well, well… I don’t think I’ve ever seen this before. CAA believes tonight that it signed Alicia Keys away from her longtime agent, WME co-CEO Dave Wirtschafter. But WME and Alicia’s people say it ain’t so. I just got word that Keys’ manager Jeff Robinson, with Alicia sitting by his side, issued this statement: “No official decision has been made yet.”

Here’s what happened behind the scenes: Robinson has been “entertaining the notion”, in the words of one of my sources, of different representation for Keys. Meetings were taken, and CAA believed it had signed the superstar singer/musician as of today and began telling Hollywood. But Wirtschafter had been led to believe that no decision had yet been made by Keys or her manager who’d promised him one last meeting where he would be given the opportunity to save the client. So, now you can see why both agencies think they’ve got Alicia Keys on their client rosters.

No doubt this situation will sort itself out within a few days.

UPDATE: Oy, Dave Wirtschafter didn’t even know she’d left for CAA until he heard it from my website.

Previous: I’ve learned that CAA is telling Hollywood the agency has signed Alicia Keys. This means that WME co-CEO Dave Wirtschafter has lost one of the biggest clients he took with him from William Morris to the new WME Entertainment merged with Endeavor. And Alicia Keys is a monster client: her albums have sold 30 million copies, she’s a 12-time Grammy winner, she plays in the world’s biggest arenas, and she is finishing up an album now so CAA will handle that tour…

Naturally, this loss will spark all sorts of speculation about Wirtschafter’s status within WME now.