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SUNDAY AM UPDATE: I’m out of town so I’ll keep this short. What a strange and depressing opening weekend for movies. Tyler Perry does another of his trademark melodramas for Lionsgate, I Can Do Bad All By Himself. But the opening weekend total of $24M was only his 3rd best despite the widest release in his history (2,255 theaters) and the presense of his stereoptical alter ego Madea (his Madea Goes To Jail made $41M its debut weekend). Tim Burton produced the animated sci-fi 9, which opened solidly on Wednesday for Focus Features and continued through the weekend. Joel Silver’s Dark Castle has another disappointment in Whiteout starring Kate Beckinsale and distributed by Warner Bros. And Summit Entertainment should be ashamed to release a “horrific” film like Sorority Row. Not much more to say. Here are the numbers, pretty much as expected, except for the continuing strength of the holdovers:

1. I Can Do Bad (Lgate) NEW [2,255] $8.5M Fri, $10.2M Sat, Wkd $24M
2. 9 (Focus) NEW [1,661] $3.3M Fri, $4.8M Sat, Wkd $10.8M, Cume $15.2M
3. Basterds (Wein/Uni) Wk 4 [3,215] $1.8M Fri, $3M Sat, Wkd $6.5M, Cume $104.3M
4. Steve (Fox) Wk 2 [2,265] $1.8M Fri, $2.7M Sat, Wkd $5.8M, Cume $21.8M
5. Final Dest (WB) Wk 3 [2,732] $1.7M Fri, $2.6M Sat, Wkd $5.5M, Cume $58.2M
6. Sorority Row (Summit) NEW [2,665] $1.9M Fri, $2M Sat, Wkd $5.2M
7. Whiteout (WB) NEW [2,745] $1.7M Fri, #2M Sat, Wkd $5.1M
8. District 9 (Sony) Wk 5 [2,560] $1M Fri, #1.8Sat, Wkd $3.6M, Cume $108.5M
9. Julie/Julia (Sony) Wk 6 [2,342] $.9M Fri, $1.7M Sat, Wkd $3.3M, Cume $85.3M
10. Gamer (Lgate) Wk 2 [2,502] $1M Fri, $1.4M Sat, Wkd $3.1M, Cume $16.1M