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MONDAY AM: Sony pickup District 9 hit $100M domestic Sunday, the 5th Wingnut Film production in a row from Peter Jackson’s company to do that. It also opened #1 in the UK this weekend. And, on Saturday, Transformers 2: Revenge Of The Fallen, passed $400M domestic.

extract_poster1-691x1024Labor Day weekend is traditionally a slow moviegoing holiday. So Friday’s and Saturday’s numbers were only so-so. But Warner Bros’ horror holdover The Final Destination 3-D ended the weekend a clear winner with $3.57M (-67%) Friday and $4.4M Saturday from 3,121 theaters. It’s 3-day weekend was $12.3M, and its 4-day holiday was $15.4M for a new cume of $50.5M. On Friday, it narowly edged out Fox’s romantic comedy All About Steve which opened to $3.50M Friday, and $3.9M Saturday in 2,251 venues. The Sandra Bullock (she also produced) and Bradley Cooper laffer did better than expected because it had one of the lowest Rotten Tomatoes scores I’ve ever seen: 6% positive reviews. It also had the bigger per screen average. But the pic couldn’t begin to match those actors’ big summer hits (The Proposal, The Hangover) as the season comes to a close. But by today, All About Steve fell to No. 3 behind Quentin Tarantino’s holdover Inglourious Basterds from The Weinstein Company and Universal which moved up to No. 2. All About Steve ended up with $11.2M for the 3-day weekend and $13.9M for the 4-day holiday.

And it shaped up as a tough weekend for Weinstein Company’s 100% owned holdover Halloween II, which experienced a whopping -78% drop Friday. While Lionsgate’s newcomer Gamer opened only 4th for the weekend Hollywood thought it would win. Gamer made $3.3M Friday and $2.9M Saturday for just a $9.1M three-day weekend and $11.2M four-day holiday. (Then again, its Rotten Tomatoes score was only 21% positive reviews.) Taking 10th place because it played in only 1,611 venues was Miramax’s new workplace comedy Extract from Mike Judge featuring the hardest working actor in showbiz Jason Bateman. Here’s the chart:

Top 10 Movies Grosses

1. Final Destination 3-D (WB) Wk 1 [3,121], Cume $50.5M, 3-day $12.3M, 4-day $15.4M
2. Basterds (Wein/Uni) Cume $95.2M, 3-day $11.6M, 4-day $15M
3. All About Steve (Fox) NEW [2,251] 3-day $11.2M, 4-day $13.9M
4. Gamer (Lionsgate) NEW [2,502] 3-day $9.1M, 4-day $11.2M
5. District 9 (Sony) Week 4 [3,139] Cume $103.2M, 3-day $7.1M, 4-day $9M
6. Halloween II (Weinstein) Week 2 [3,088] Cume $27.1M, 3-day $5.7M, 4-day $7M
7. Julie & Julia (Sony) Week 5 [2,528] $80.6M, 3-day $5.7M, 4-day $7M
8. G.I. Joe (Paramount) Week 5 [2,846] Cume $141M, 3-day $5.1M, 4-day $6.7M
9. Traveler’s Wife (WB) Week 4 [2,803] Cume $55.7M, 3-day $4.3M, 4-day $5.4M
10. Extract (Miramax) NEW [1,611] 3-Day $4.3M, 4-day $5.3M