Yeah, this was a GREAT idea, Jeff Zucker. Once again, just like last season, NBC ranked fourth in primetime Monday, dead last among all the broadcast networks, with a weak 2-hour Heroes premiere that fell 46% from last year’s opener. At 10 PM, The Jay Leno Show attracted only 5.7 million viewers, but most importantly fell to 1.8 (for 3rd position, since Fox doesn’t program at 10 PM). It had recorded a low of only 2.0 last week during its debut. Nor can NBC save face by boasting about Jay’s demographics since he skews older. As I noted at the time, it was ridiculous for NBC to be crowing about Leno’s “highest-rated” numbers last week when it was only up against repeats. Facing competition this week, the show folded like a house of cards. Which sums up Zucker’s running of the broadcast network, doesn’t it? I can’t imagine why any advertiser would choose Leno over CSI: Miami at 10 PM. The experiment failed. (I’ll have more later.)