News reports say a French documentary maker who spent years filming a brutally violent Salvadoran street gang was found shot in the head inside a car in a gang-riddled El Salvador neighborhood. El Salvador’s top prosecutor said gangs were suspected in the killing of 53-year-old Christian Poveda, the maker of La Vida Loca examining the violent lives of gang members who fuel El Salvador’s high homicide rates. The documentary filmed gang initiations, drug use, tattoo sessions, shootings, beatings, and funerals. On the day of his death, the filmmaker had set out to arrange an interview with female gang members for journalists from a French fashion magazine. French Foreign Minister Bernard Kouchner praised the former war photographer’s work, calling him “a respected journalist, a professional who never hesitated to take great risks in the name of freedom of information.” Poveda had recently begun touring with La Vida Loca.