UPDATES WME Lets Go 2 Agents In Latest Layoffs

wtfI can now confirm more WME Entertainment layoffs that took place this week. The Miami office will deal almost exclusively with music now that TV agents Raul Mateu and Pedro Bonilla have been let go. China will be shutting down and with that Grace Chen will be laid off. many Morris members of what is now WME’s business affairs, accounting, and human resources, including head Kim Koser, are out, as well as Michelle Kleinert, who headed Morris charity initiatives. And that doesn’t even include support staff. The total number is still fluid: estimates range from 15 to 35 people out. Horrible, especially because the layoffs just keep coming… But what is also disgusting is the glee with which some rival big agencies are treating these firings. For instance, UTA agents are texting WME agents and freaking them out by claiming they’re next to go.