FRIDAY 9AM: Let me answer some of your questions and ask a few of my own:

1) Why this transition took so long is because the new site had to be built from the ground up. That way we ensured a faster loading Deadline Hollywood that had better infrastructure and easier navigation. Now I can re-focus on reporting.

2) If you really hate the italics for comments, we’ll change it back to regular type because that’s your section of the site, not ours.

3) Yes, I agree that all the relentless SAG and WGA election news is a buzz killer. But with mainstream media so anti-union, it’s important that Deadline Hollywood give you the other side that doesn’t unfairly present Guild activists as “militants”.

4) I’m not sure what metric to use to list indie pics that get squeezed out of the Top 10 box office because of their limited distributions but still deserve recognition. Nor am I clear how to define an indie pic these days. Any suggestions?

5) That button for “Premium Content” does not mean we intend to charge you for all content. No way, no how. We simply envision some extra news features that you might want to pay a small fee to see regularly in the near future.

So don’t sweat the small stuff. Look at the big picture. The more grows, the more showbiz news and scoops and analyses and clashes and assholes for you.

FRIDAY EARLY AM: Successful transition! Deadline Hollywood’s new look with improved infrastructure is now live on the newly branded umbrella site It will become the home page for expanded coverage of the business of entertainment and media which I will report from Hollywood and oversee around the world as General Manager and Editor in Chief. The old url of will automatically send you to the new home page.

Most, but not all, of the site’s new features are ready, and those that aren’t will be coming soon (some as quickly as later today). I will continue my journalism on Deadline Hollywood just as before. Immediate editorial plans also include a Deadline New York senior editor/writer, followed throughout the next year by correspondents in other cities like London, Paris, Mumbai, Hong Kong, and Sydney, all of whom will report to me. Other top priorities include a streamlined version of Deadline Hollywood/ for Blackberry and iPhone, a Premium content section with extra news features, and other cool stuff. Enjoy!

THURSDAY PM UPDATE: The tech guys are gonna try this again. So I can’t post for a bunch of hours. But when you wake up tomorrow, DHD should have its new look.

THURSDAY AM UPDATE: Well, as you can see, DHD looks the same. That’s because of “unforeseen issues with site configuration that were unable to be resolved”, according to the tech people. I have no idea what this means, except to say they’re going to attempt the new look rollout this afternoon. So I’ll post until they tell me not to. Are we having fun yet?

WEDNESDAY PM: I can’t post until the changeover to DHD’s new look takes place at about midnight (hopefully). Can’t you just feel the excitement!?!