I gotta admit that Sunday’s episode featuring John Slattery in black face was a shock to the system. As was the whole show, to be honest. So many loose ends which I can’t wait for Matthew Weiner and his writers to tie together. Or not. What isn’t a surprise is that Mad Men was renewed for a 4th season today by AMC after the August 16th 3rd season premiere pulled in 4.5 million viewers and the second season of the series 16 Emmy nominations after the first season garnered Emmy wins. You all know this is my favorite scripted show on basic cable (though Burn Notice and In Plain Sight come a close 2nd and 3rd). And here’s hoping that its drama stays on the small screen and no longer seeps behind the scenes. (See below.) Hard to believe that nearly a year ago I broke the story that the Lionsgate bigwigs were calling Hollywood agencies looking for a showrunner to replace Weiner because he wanted more moolah.

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