3RD UPDATE: Paul Bricault is out. No definitive word yet on Jim Griffin. I hear he’s still negotiating with WME.

2ND UPDATE: Sources are now telling me that WME may lay off another biggie — Paul Bricault, former William Morris board member, EVP, and head of Morris Worldwide Consulting working over the years with MySpace, General Motors, Anheuser-Busch and others — as soon as today. Everyone tells me that, like Jim Griffin, he’s a good guy. Apparently, Endeavor’s Mark Dowley will now run the WME consulting department.

UPDATE: I’m trying to confirm who’s been laid off at WME this go-round. I’m told veteran Jim Griffin and WME are having difficulty coming to terms on a new contract, which is surprising. Because the former WMA board member with big clients –- he’s best known for representing Regis Philbin and Emeril and making gobs of money for the Morris agency over the years — was considered the highest grossing tenpercenter in the tenpercentery. (Emeril and Regis were both said to be at $40+ million+ a year, and Regis & Kelly is an agency package in this and all its previous permutations as well as Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?.) WME must have figured that all the money that needs to be made is already coming in. This is a very big deal internally. I’m hearing more names are in play. Stay tuned.