Paul Haggis is a WGA activist who also opines/writes frequently about Guild issues.

A Message from Paul Haggis

Fellow Writers,

WGAW-LogoI hate long statements of support, so this ain’t gonna be one of those. I just truly believe that Elias and his team are our best option at this juncture. They were a big part of pulling us through what could have been a disastrous strike. Did we make all the gains we wanted? No. But they walked a razor’s edge and brought us back a pretty good deal, when some of the louder voices on the studio side were being completely intransigent and insisting on major rollbacks. Should we have weaved left at times instead of right, or vice versa? Of course. But I’ve walked the sidewalks a few times in my thirty years in the Guild, and I have seen too many negotiations botched by hot-head radicals or please-don’t-hurt-me capitulators. I was really impressed with how this group held us together and got us what we needed, if not what we wanted. Are the other folks who are running against them terrific people too? Absolutely, and many of them are friends, colleagues, and all people that I really respect. But my money is on Elias and his team. I ask you kindly to look at their record and consider giving them your support.

Paul Haggis