UPDATES WME May Lay Off 2 Big WMA Grossing Agents

FRIDAY AM: There may be 15 to 18 agents laid off in coming weeks at WME. The Morris China office is closing. Miami will be kept open but with a miniscule staff. Sports will be gutted if not shut down.

aemanuelI hear that WME co-CEO Ari Emanuel flew to NYC to personally have that wrenching “you’re out” conversation with 30-year Morris veteran Jim Griffin who’s under contract until January. The agency has promised to find him a gig. “No one is enjoying the process, but you can’t be afraid of tough decisions in these economic times,” an insider tells me. This layoff was a big deal internally because Griffin is a former WMA board member with big clients like Regis Philbin and Emeril who made gobs of money over the years for the Morris agency and transformed Griffin into one of the highest grossing tenpercenters there. But WME showed him zero loyalty and figured that all the money that needs to be made off packages like Regis & Kelly is already coming in.

THURSDAY PM: Paul Bricault was the former William Morris board member, EVP, and head of Morris Worldwide Consulting, working over the years with MySpace, General Motors, Anheuser-Busch and others. Now Endeavor’s Mark Dowley will run the department.