The twists and turns that creator Matthew Weiner’s Season 3 MM3 Posterof Mad Men took behind the scenes biz-wise these many months were probably better than any plotting which starts tonight on AMC. (Heck, Weiner almost got replaced, more ads almost meant less show, the top AMC exec overseeing the series exited abruptly, and — god forbid! — mainstream media were incredulous that women make up 7 of the 9-member writing staff.) So it’s apt that the Lionsgate series is this time around being promoted with the slogan “The World’s Gone Mad” and an ad depicting Jon Hamm’s Don Draper sitting in his office, calmly smoking a Lucky Strike, as floodwater rises to his waist. It’s 1963, when Beatlemania breaks out, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr marches on Washington, and President Kennedy is assassinated in Dallas. Will ratings finally reach the high level of hype this season? On a lighter note, the first episode is to be simulcast on the big screen in Times Square along with a costume party where fans can parade their swankiest Sixties attire.